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I'm a young developer; I create iOS apps and work on backend development.

I have a passion for creating new and different things.

I'm a musician; I play the piano, trumpet and the drums as well as compositions when I can.

I'm a sound operator; I head the school tech team as well as operating for some other local productions

I'm a photographer; I take a camera with me everytime I leave the house. I post my photos to Instagram and Flickr

Talk A Day

Talk A Day was a development project for my AS Computer Science Course. It pulls all the videos from the TED and TEDx youtube channels, uses an algorithm to select the best talk for each user and delivers it to the user's device, once a day. I made it as TED talks are a good way to learn, and I wanted to push myself to watch one a day.

Balloon Pop

Balloon Pop was a commissioned project for a student counselling website. The concept was to write feelings or worries onto each balloon and then pop them to watch them disappear. You can see it at counsellinghub.co.uk/students.

NY Resolutions

NY Resolutions was a web app that I made on a long car journey home on new year's eve. I built it so people could share their new year's resolutions with others anomalously, and possibly inspire people to set new resolutions. You can visit it at ny-resolutions.com and the source on github.com.

Hack The Holidays

Hack the Holidays is Peterborough's first 24 hour student hackathon. I was part of the managing team for Hack The Holidays 2015/2016. My role as Head Of Finance meant I was in charge of budgeting and the spending of the money donated by sponsors. This meant that I was tasked to find the most economical choices to achieve as many of our aims as we could.


Swag-It originally started as an idea for the Festival Of Code 2015. The idea was to allow users to share their purchases with their friends and followers. This has now undergone three re-designs and is still under development as an iPhone app. Swag-It is coming soon.


BGSQuiz was a project I built for my school quiz competition. The purpose of BGSQuiz was to introduce a more visual side to the quiz, allowing students to see their individual team score, where they were on the leaderboard and the house total. All the data was inputted by staff on a separate page and the leaderboard was automatically updated. I built the backend with James Brooks working on the front end design. You can find the Github repository here


BGSVote was another project I built for my school. The aim of our product was to improve the way of voting for our annual school house singing competition. We wanted students and staff to be able to vote for their favourite house. All they needed to do was text the name of the house they wanted to win to a phone number and it would add a vote onto the house totals. I built the backend with James Brooks working on the front end design. You can find the Github repository here


Paperound was my team's project for the Festival Of Code 2014, run by Young Rewired State. Our goal was to build an app that would revolutionise the way that a paper-round is run. It allowed all users involved (the customer, manager and paperboy) to manage their tasks in an efficient and easy way. Our app went through to the semi-finals. You can find the github repository here


Gllry is a picture sharing website allowing friends and family to share photos with each other when attending events or parties.


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